Long but well worth reading. This is Part 1.

Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

What happens when Christians fail to understand their role in government? Their government becomes a threat to the spread of the Gospel. Does that sound a bit alarmist? Well, look at what is going on in Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA. At this point, the problem should be self-evident. Consider the moral decay.

  • We abort babies by the millions, and euthanasia is growing ever more popular.
  • We admire people who practice what we once had the good sense to regard as sexually perverse and self-destructive.
  • Our mass media, the operators of our social media, and our elected leaders actively propagandize (lie) to us. Therefore, we find it increasingly difficult to discern and to share the truth with each other.
  • Our country is more bitterly divided than at any time since the American Civil War. The side in power has actually reached the point where it is actively trying to “cancel,”…

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