Top: Friday, my buddy, orange tabby, aka Handsome Fellow with Gorgeous Tail; Bottom left to right: Baby, aka Soft Tummy; Smokie, aka Love Bug, and Twila, aka Fluffy Tummy. This is an old photo, those last two are now full grown, at least as big as Baby.

Cats for comfort… can’t beat them. This afternoon I decided to take a nap in my bed and not my recliner, actually on purpose. That is a rare decision because I almost never go to sleep in the daytime, unless I just eaten lunch, settled in my armchair with a book and an old TV show playing, and wake up thirty minutes later.

But I was cold. The house was at 73 degrees and I had on enough clothes, but I was cold. So I took a book to read and climbed under the covers, knowing that once I got warm and started reading, I’d no doubt doze off.

Very soon I had company… four cats, one on either side, close up tight beside me, one atop my knees, and one cozying up to my feet.

I must say, they were good kitties. Still, and quiet, and warm. You can’t beat cats for comfort. Until they wake up and think it’s time for me to wake up, too… nap time lasted about thirty minutes, but it did warm me up!