As of this past Monday, May 9, 2016, I have officially returned to the Florence County Republican Party, and have accepted the appointment once again as county party Secretary.

FYI – I resigned from the GOP in 2010 in order to publicly support a life-long friend, Ed Clements, who was running for reelection as Solicitor for the 12th Judicial Circuit. Ed was running as a Democrat and the local GOP also had a candidate running for that office. Our local and state GOP Rules rightly required that I resign from office as county GOP secretary, and so I did.

Over the past six years, several people have called on me and visited, encouraging me to return to active participation in local GOP politics. But health-related activities were keeping me very, very busy in those days – primarily staying alive! See www.BettesJournal.wordpress.com for reports on those past (and present) adventures.

This week, however, when new Chairman Mal Weatherly (also a longtime friend) called to recruit me, I prayerfully considered and accepted the appointment, resuming my active role as Florence County GOP Secretary. The announcement was made at this month’s GOP meeting.

Maintaining party records are important and accurate record-keeping is important. This year’s elections are truly important!

What is more important to me, however, is doing what I believe God wants me personally to be doing every single day – doing it obediently, faithfully, efficiently and effectively, always dependent on His presence and help. That’s my plan in accepting this new /  old assignment.

If you’d really like to know more about me and my past activities, please see the About Bette page. And feel free to call (843-629-0225) or email (bettecox@bellsouth.net) me if I can answer any questions about any of this.