TimTiesCloseupI finally gave away the last of Tim’s ties last week. These were my special favorites, a group I have held onto since Tim died. I always enjoyed seeing them in my closet, sort of smiling at me like old friends.

A friend came over to help me clean out closets recently. When I started pulling out clothes to donate that I knew I’d never wear again, there were those lovely ties. Ties that someone else could wear and enjoy, as Tim had so many times.

If I didn’t give them up now, I knew I probably never would. So I did.

I may just print one of these images, tape it to a prominent spot in my office and let them smile at me right on.

Here is a photo showing Tim wearing one of those ties… in most photos he’s not wearing a tie so I’m glad I found this one. It was taken at a breakfast prayer meeting we hosted for Governor David Beasley.