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In a Republican debate in Georgetown, South Carolina (Congressional race in South Carolina’s new 7th district) Tom Rice was the only candidate who said he would raise our nation’s debt ceiling for a local pork project. 

Here is a statement from Andre Bauer on raising the debt ceiling:

“I have pledged that I would not vote to raise our nations debt ceiling. We cannot afford it. Our children and their children do not deserve being burdened by our increasing debt and careless spending. We must have the capacity to say NO…and we must do it now.

I congratulate the other other Republican candidates for agreeing with me during last nights congressional debate in Georgetown, SC.

However one candidate said that he was in favor of raising our debt ceiling, Tom Rice. This is a major area in which Tom Rice and I differ tremendously.

As a conservative, I will say no to spending we cannot afford. Apparently, as a moderate, Tom Rice believes that more spending whether it be a project in South Carolina or a “bridge to nowhere”…is not a big deal.

The voters do have a choice on June 12th. They can choose someone who will offer more of the same, or a person who will stand up and say enough is enough.”