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Willard Dorriety, Jr. has filed as a Republican candidate for Florence County Council, District 9.

That happens to be my own council district as I live in Delmae 1, one of the five precincts included in District 9 (Delmae 1 and 2, Ebenezer 1, 2 and 3).

I am pleased to support Willard for this seat. You may know that Dr. Morris Anderson, current councilman for this district, is retiring. Dr. Anderson has endorsed Willard Dorriety in this election.

A lifelong resident of Florence County, Willard is an agri-businessman – read that farmer – with deep roots in Florence County. No pun intended, folks. Well, maybe a little one.

In case you aren’t familiar with Willard’s work background and his history of community service, below is some basic information. Check out his website, http://dorrietyforcountycouncil.com. Willard also has a Facebook fan page – take a look – https://www.facebook.com/DorrietyForCountyCouncil, and a Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/373252486030315/.

  • As an agri-businessman, Willard Dorriety Jr. understands the trials and triumphs of owning a small business.
  • A husband, father, and grandfather, he has a passion to spend time with his family and work to improve the community in which they live.
  • Since 2003 Willard has served as a Florence School District One Trustee. He understands very well how important and valuable it is for a community to work together to accomplish the tasks facing it. Some important history about his service on the School Board:

Over the last decade, Florence District One has become one of the most fiscally sound entities in South Carolina. It operates a system for 16,000 students within budget, without the financial turmoil that has plagued other areas. No teachers were furloughed, laid off or terminated during the past few years, something not many other districts can say.

The district operates a system for school construction needs on a pay-as-you-go basis. With a reserve fund in place, the district has the highest of bond ratings available to school districts in this state.

When the new Lucy T. Davis Elementary School on Hoffmeyer Road is dedicated this year, as the ribbon is cut the district will carry no debt on it. The school will be fully paid for and millions of dollars in interest will have been avoided to the benefit of the taxpayers of this community. The same will be true when the new middle school now under construction opens next door to it.

The school district enjoys the wide support and participation of the faith community. This has been nurtured and encouraged over the last 10 years and as a result we’ve seen the introduction and spread of Good News Clubs in the elementary schools; of the off-campus Christian Learning Center programs available to the students of all three middle schools; of mentor volunteers who respond as they are called to address the needs of children; and of churches partnering with schools to provide clothing and school materials for students in need.

Although the federal courts in our state are now strictly interpreting the separation of church and state, and even here in the Pee Dee, the many examples above which have been developed within the law point to the affirmations of our faith community to be involved in the lives of children here in Florence.

In addition to his work and school board service, Willard is an active member of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Florence. Over the years he has served as the Chairman of Deacons, Chairman of Building and Grounds Committee, Chairman of Personnel Committee, Finance Committee member, and a member of the Usher Team.

For over ten years he has also served as a coach for several age groups of church league basketball.

Of all his positions and achievements, however, Willard is most proud of his role as husband, father, and grandfather. He has been married to Ruth Jenne Dorriety, a retired Florence School District One teacher, for 33 years. They are the proud parents of Jason and Jessica Dorriety. Jason is a graduate of West Florence High School with a degree from Clemson University. He is married to Ann Harmon Dorriety of Greenville, SC and they are the proud parents of Betsy and Will Dorriety. Jessica is also a graduate of West Florence High School with a degree from Anderson University.

I believe Willard’s background and record of community service will give him the tools and abilities to be an excellent and effective member of Florence County Council. If you are a Republican voter in District 9, I ask you to join me in voting for Willard Dorriety in the Republican primary, June 12.